Saturday, July 9, 2011

SL July 2011

SL Visit July 1st ~ 3rd

Baptism and a Wedding

Right after I got home from Girls Camp, I packed up the kids (3 of them anyways) and went to SL for the weekend. My niece Jenna was getting baptized and we wanted to be there. Since Lee was working at scout camp (Little Lemhi) Ches had to stay in Idaho Falls. The picture sequence is a bit messed up, oh well.

Picture of us with Jenna on Sunday after her conformation.

Saturday we went over the Watkins to hang out.

Amy and Melanie showing off their new flower clips.

Kimmie loves her cousins!

Picture with Grandma Fraser at the luncheon after the baptism.

Granny & Jenna

Jenna was full of hugs on her special day.

Matt, Jenna & Jody

Friday night we went to my cousin Kevin's wedding in West Jordan. Someone was shooting off fireworks, the kids stood on the fence to watch.Kimmie looking at a picture of the bride and groom

She's such a cutie. Kimmie loves going to weddings. She danced around and wanted me to take lots of pictures.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Girls Camp 2011

Girls Camp

June 28th ~ July 1st

Back in May I was called to be the Young Women's president in my ward. I have never been called to this type of calling before. I was shocked and unsure of my abilities. A few weeks later it was time for Girls Camp. Luckily I didn't have to do anything, just go to camp and get to know the YW. I discovered that the YW in our ward are amazing. I am so excited for this new adventure in my life.

Kearney 2nd Ward YW

I went with the Beehives on their 5 mile hike. It was quite the adventure. The first trail we went on was flooded about a mile in. So we back tracked and went to find another trail. Unfortunately, the second trail was flooded as well. We had to finish the needed milage hiking along to road. The girls were good sports about the whole thing.

I had lots of fun with these crazy girls.

My fearless leaders!

I am very lucky to have such fabulous women to work with.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Karate Kid

Robbie has been trying out new hairstyles lately. One day the way he'd brushed it made him look so much like the Karate Kid.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

BBQ Celebration

Citizenship BBQ Celebration for Ches

May 28th, 2011

I decided to throw Ches a party to celebrate his citizenship. We planned it for Memorial Day Weekend at Freeman Park. My parents and brother Jake and his family were able to come up from SL to join us in celebrating. We invited a bunch of friends and had a bbq lunch. It was a beautiful sunny day. We are so blessed to have so many good friends to celebrate with.

Lee helping us get ready.

Jamie VanDyke, Ches, and Chrissy McCracken

Jake and Robbie tending to the fire.

Gary Rowe and his family

Cassie & KC Sellers talking with Vince McHenry

Emmanue & Natasha Ohene Opare

Dennis and Debi Brown

Kimmie and Maya having lunch

Micaela, Vince, and Miranda McHenry

Chrissy had just received her mission call to Florida

so Ches had her announce it at the party.

The girls decided to move out onto the grass to eat.

It was a cool day and they felt warmer in the sunshine.

The Lassle Family

Shelby and Matt Nielsen

Kimmie and Hanna playin

Jake and Meradith

It was a lot of fun to have them there.

Picture together after the party. When we got home from Boise the Johnson's had decorated our front yard. It was such a fun surprise.

We were so glad to have Mom and Dad with us to celebrate Ches' citizenship.

Americana flower arrangement from the Sellers

Flowers from Mom and Dad

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

First Year of Dance

Kimmie finished her first year of dance. The studio had a little awards ceremony (which I forgot to bring my camera to). Kimmie got a certificate of completion and a trophy. She earned point by being in class and practicing at home. She was able to "buy" treats and prizes with her points. She was so excited to bring this all home.
She had a fantastic time doing dance and wants to take it again next year.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Boise ~ Part 2

We returned to Boise on Wednesday May 18th. Ches' citizenship ceremony was scheduled for the 19th. We really like the hotel we stayed in last month so decided to go there again. Our original plan was to hang out in the hotel, swim and watch movies. But sometime over the month the hotel changed management and the pool was under renovation,so no swimming :(
So we decided to go shopping instead. We headed to the outlet mall and had a good time at the stores. Everyone found something to buy, but favorite stop was Rockey Mountain Chocolate. We told the kids they could pick out anything they wanted. Rick and Kimmie decided to share a huge caramel and chocolate apple, I got a dark choc. peanut butter cup, Ches got some haystacks, all yummy choices. Lee and Robbie decided to get a plain chocolate bar. I was shocked! Of all the choices they pick plain, crazy boys! After shopping we went to Cracker Barrel for dinner, it was very delicious! Then we watched movies and went to bed.

The next day Ches was super nervous (no surprise) so we just hung out in the rooms till it was time to go to the Immigration office. Good thing the rooms had cable so we weren't too bored.

Kimmie and Rickie playing under the desk in the room.

We arrived at the office about an hour before the ceremony was to begin. It was a good thing we did, the place filled up fast. Participants had to sit in the front rows, so we waited a few rows behind Ches. Many people were there in everyday clothes but we wanted this to be a special day so we dressed up in our church clothes.

Silly girl!

Kimmie went to the front to get a picture of her Daddy.

Looking a bit nervous!

One of the participants was from Scotland and was a member of a bagpipe group. He and his friends played a few songs before the ceremony began. I Love this kind of music!

After taking the oath and watching a movie about being a US Citizen with a welcome message from President Obama it was time for pictures.

It was a beautiful day.

When everyone was tired of taking pictures we went out to eat to celebrate. Everyone voted to go back to Cracker Barrel.

We had already checked out of our hotel, so we needed a place to change. The Boise Temple was just up the street so I thought we could go there and change in the Visitors Center and have some fun pictures. Well, they don't have a visitors center at the Boise Temple. So we took some pictures and changed in the van. It's not a real get away without a few problems, right?

We needed to get back to IF Thursday night because the kids had a bunch of stuff going on at school on Friday. As it was we missed Lee's graduation from 8th grade (it was Thursday evening) So we headed home that evening.
It was a real special day for our family.